Red Carpet Report is a weekly entertainment show that goes behind the scenes at the most exclusive, star-studded events in Toronto, Canada. Catch up with your favourite celebrities, see the latest fashions on the red carpet and be a part of the action.

Your Event Is Live On Our Platforms

If your event is one of the premium occasions in Lagos, VVIP
Events would like to be there. Our viewers want to see their
favourite stars from film, music and comedy; the most
exclusive fashion designers and their latest collections; and a
celebrity lifestyle they aspire to. If your event meets most of
the following criteria , we look forward to working with you.

Canada premium events

1. A-list personalities and celebrities in aî…Ÿendance
2. Exclusive, invitation-only or with limited-access VIP areas
3. A regular and/or notable event on the social calendar
4. Generates social media buzz
5. Genres include: fashion shows, lifestyle, theatre/film
premieres, sports, entertainment, arts festivals, awards,
charity fundraisers and landmark anniversaries

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